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import java.net.*;
import java.io.*;
import com.macfaq.io.SafeBufferedReader;

public class Whois {

  public final static int DEFAULT_PORT = 43;
  public final static String DEFAULT_HOST = "whois.internic.net";

  private int port = DEFAULT_PORT;
  private InetAddress host;

  public Whois(InetAddress host, int port) {
    this.host = host;
    this.port = port;

  public Whois(InetAddress host) {
    this(host, DEFAULT_PORT);

  public Whois(String hostname, int port)
   throws UnknownHostException {
    this(InetAddress.getByName(hostname), port);

  public Whois(String hostname) throws UnknownHostException {
    this(InetAddress.getByName(hostname), DEFAULT_PORT);

  public Whois() throws UnknownHostException {

  // Items to search for
  public static class SearchFor {

    public static SearchFor ANY = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor NETWORK = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor PERSON = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor HOST = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor DOMAIN = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor ORGANIZATION = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor GROUP = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor GATEWAY = new SearchFor();
    public static SearchFor ASN = new SearchFor();

    private SearchFor() {};


  // Categories to search in
  public static class SearchIn {

    public static SearchIn ALL = new SearchIn();
    public static SearchIn NAME = new SearchIn();
    public static SearchIn MAILBOX = new SearchIn();
    public static SearchIn HANDLE = new SearchIn();

    private SearchIn() {};


  public String lookUpNames(String target, SearchFor category,
   SearchIn group, boolean exactMatch) throws IOException {

    String suffix = "";
    if (!exactMatch) suffix = ".";

    String searchInLabel  = "";
    String searchForLabel = "";

    if (group == SearchIn.ALL) searchInLabel = "";
    else if (group == SearchIn.NAME) searchInLabel = "Name ";
    else if (group == SearchIn.MAILBOX) searchInLabel = "Mailbox ";
    else if (group == SearchIn.HANDLE) searchInLabel = "!";

    if (category == SearchFor.NETWORK) searchForLabel = "Network ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.PERSON) searchForLabel = "Person ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.HOST) searchForLabel = "Host ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.DOMAIN) searchForLabel = "Domain ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.ORGANIZATION) {
      searchForLabel = "Organization ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.GROUP) searchForLabel = "Group ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.GATEWAY) {
      searchForLabel = "Gateway ";
    else if (category == SearchFor.ASN) searchForLabel = "ASN ";

    String prefix = searchForLabel + searchInLabel;
    String query = prefix + target + suffix;

    Socket theSocket = new Socket(host, port);
    Writer out
     = new OutputStreamWriter(theSocket.getOutputStream(), "ASCII");
    SafeBufferedReader in = new SafeBufferedReader(new
     InputStreamReader(theSocket.getInputStream(), "ASCII"));
    out.write(query + "\r\n");
    StringBuffer response = new StringBuffer();
    String theLine = null;
    while ((theLine = in.readLine()) != null) {

    return response.toString();


  public InetAddress getHost() {
    return this.host;

  public int getPort() {
    return this.port;

   *   Java Network Programming, Third Edition
   *   By Elliotte Rusty Harold
   *   Third Edition October 2004
   *   ISBN: 0-596-00721-3



The list of classes which were used on this page you can find below. The links to Java API contain official SUN documentation about all used classes.











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